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30 January 2018
This research investigated if eye temperature can be used as a reliable measure of emotional states in domestic dogs.
04 January 2018
In this study the behaviour and environmental preferences of free- range hens were observed.
04 January 2018
Gemma Carder, Research Manager at World Animal Protection, shares some initial research findings looking at the welfare of sloths.
02 January 2018
Christian Nawroth, discusses some fascinating new research looking at lateralization in pigs.
15 December 2017
The study aimed to uncover the characteristics that are considered most important for the ‘ideal’ pig by the U.S. public.
14 December 2017
Timm Juul Jensen just finished his M.Sc. in Conservation biology from Aalborg University, Denmark.
13 December 2017
Dr Tanya Wyatt's research specialisms are wildlife trafficking and animal welfare.
13 December 2017
Katie Thompson is a Research Associate working at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Life and Environmental Sciences at Bournemouth Univer
13 December 2017
This study investigated the welfare status and owner’s perceptions of working horses in two culturally different Chilean regions.
04 December 2017
Helen Lambert, animal welfare scientist, discusses her views on animal sentience in legislation.