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30 November 2017
This study explored if emotional contagion occurs in horses by assessing their response to whinnies produced by horses during different contexts.
29 November 2017
Christian Nawroth, discusses the complex emotional lives of cows.
13 November 2017
The study investigates the relationship between demographics and preferences when acquiring a dog.
07 November 2017
This study investigated the potential for carcass skin and tail lesions to function as ‘iceberg indicators’ of pig welfare.
07 November 2017
Robert Jones, Department of Philosophy, California State University, shares his views on a recent paper on industrial farming.
23 October 2017
This study explores first-year vet and equine science students ability to interpret horse's emotional states.
23 October 2017
Georgina Allen, discusses her views on the non-human rights movement, and what this may mean for wild animals in captivity.

research: Reigning in rabies

18 October 2017
This paper summarises dog population management tools, and their effectiveness in eradicating rabies in low-income countries.
05 October 2017
This study highlights the importance and effectiveness of teaching primary school children about animal welfare.
29 September 2017
Packing bands and other debris are a large threat to marine life. The study investigates the global entanglement of pinnipeds.