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16 March 2017
This study investigated methods used by free-ranging cheetahs in Botswana to reunite with known conspecifics following a period of separation.
13 March 2017
Christian Nawroth, Research Fellow, Queen Mary University of London, discusses his latest research on goat cognition.
09 March 2017
This paper highlights a study demonstrating that water pools encourage displays of natural behaviour in captive tigers.
07 March 2017
Simple checklists to help tour companies assess whether the animal activities provided by venues demonstrate good animal welfare or not
01 March 2017
This study explores the illegal trade in Indian Star Tortoises that are being captured for the pet trade.
28 February 2017
Lauren Valentine discusses her views on the current state of the planet and how human activities are effecting animals.
20 February 2017
Could raising calves with cows in dairy farming be a feasible option to address animal health and welfare concerns?
13 February 2017
This review discusses the behavioural needs of pigs, and the challenges that some farmers may face in catering for their needs.
13 February 2017
Reptiles are a popular pet choice, but are owners being provided with the necessary advice to enable them to meet their complex welfare needs
06 February 2017
This study explored links between infant mortality and livestock numbers, meat and milk product consumption, and climate data during winter