Securing livelihoods with small scale milk production in Kenya

This video was produced by World Animal Protection to showcase how high animal welfare is achieved in pasture-based dairy farms in Kenya.

Dairy farming is Kenya’s leading agricultural sector with almost 2 million small-scale farmers depending on it for their livelihoods. Many of these farmers are part of the LELBREN (Lessos Livestock Breeding Network) co-operative, an organisation of like-minded farmers who have a combined desire to use their use dairy animals to improve their livelihoods.  However, the LEBREN farmers’ approach are centred around the health, welfare and well-being of the cow – they understand a healthy cow equal good quality milk.

Farmers in this region initially used zero-grazing practices but have now moved to free-grazing, pasture-based farming. Pasture farming is better for the cows and it has led to good financial returns for the farmers -  this means better income, increased livelihoods and a prosperous future for them. 

Dairy farming in Kenya - securing livelihoods through high animal welfare