Animal Welfare Education

Education provides opportunities to challenge values, perspectives and behaviours in order to develop a positive attitude towards animals, people and the environment.

Effective animal welfare education can create a sense of compassion, justice and a respect for the value of life. Animal welfare education is important for people of all ages and particularly those training for an animal-related profession.This page provides educators and professionals with the tools, resources and facts they need to integrate the teaching of animal welfare into their work. If you are seeking to develop your own knowledge and skills, please search our training courses on animal welfare.

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Katie Thompson is a Research Associate working at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Life and Environmental Sciences at Bournemouth...
Dr Kaewta Satayaprasert (Goy) is a qualified veterinarian and is the Veterinary Programmes Office at World Animal Protection.
Ruth is the Global Head of Campaign Mobilisation at World Animal Protection and has a background in teaching.