Animals in Communities

Animals and people have co-existed for thousands of years, with animals playing a vital role in communities across the globe.

Despite the strong relationship people have with animals, many animals suffer poor welfare. Roaming dogs are often inhumanely culled in misguided attempts to eliminate diseases such as rabies. Improving the welfare of animals in communities benefits both people and animals. Read the latest scientific findings, news and blogs. This page explores the welfare of animals in communities and how your expertise can. Currently we are focusing on dogs, but other animals living in communities will be included soon.

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Research or Training

Articles or Blogs

Shakira Free-Miles discusses why dog breed specific legislation does not work, and why she felt obliged to speak out about this welfare issue.

Meet the experts

Katie Hampson is a research scientist at the University of Glasgow, focusing on rabies transmission and mass dog vaccination programmes.
Min is currently a lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Sunway University, Malaysia, with research in emotional recognition in animals.
Elly is a Scientific Coordinator to the ICAM Coalition and an independent consultant, working with IFAW and other animal welfare organisations.