Animals in Farming

Over 70 billion animals are farmed for food each year, the majority reared in overcrowded, barren conditions, in farms that are not designed to meet their welfare needs. Good animal welfare is an essential part of sustainable agriculture, securing livelihoods, jobs and food security.

Around the world, consumer interest in animal welfare is growing. People want to know that the animals used to produce their food were treated humanely. As consumer concern and demand grows, there is growing pressure and interest from companies to improve the welfare of animals in their supply chains.This page explores the issues, and showcases the innovations and creative solutions being developed by scientists, farmers and food companies to integrate animal welfare into existing farming systems.

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Xingbo teaches the Introduction to Animal Protection course at China Agricultural University, and his research focuses on farm animal welfare.
Dorothy is currently the BVA Animal Welfare Foundation Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow.
Liam Slattery has extensive experience in investigative research and is the Global Head of Investigation & Evidence at World Animal...