Introduction to Animal Welfare

‘Animal welfare’ refers to the physical, mental and natural state of individual animals and our ethical obligation to meet their needs.

Animal welfare science plays an important role in assessing the quality of animals' lives and making positive change for them. In society, animals are used in many different ways: for food, for entertainment, to experiment on, and for companionship. Regardless of their use and the species in question, animal welfare should always be of concern to all those whose work or behaviour affects animals, including for example: scientists, vets, governments, corporates and consumers. 

Learning about the subject of animal welfare is essential in truly understanding how you can consider animal welfare in your work and how your expertise can help improve the welfare of animals.

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Meet the experts

Sean is the Senior Vice President of the British Veterinary Association, the UK’s national representative body for vet surgeons and students.
Priya is Corporate Engagement Advisor with World Animal Protection. She advises on animal welfare and best practice on farms.
JJ is the Education Programme Manager at World Animal Protection and is dedicated to promoting animal protection and welfare through education.