Veterinary Leadership in Animal Welfare

The veterinary profession is a term that describes a variety of roles that are responsible for safeguarding the health and welfare of animals.

From vet nurses and technicians, to para vets and veterinarians, all hold the key to ensuring that owners are responsible and that animals have their welfare needs met.An effective, well versed veterinary profession requires individuals that have received animal welfare training in preparation for their ‘day one competencies’, as well as Continuous Professional Development in the field of animal welfare to ensure that the profession is applying the most cutting edge animal welfare science and solutions.This page showcases some veterinary training, as well as highlighting some of the best practice in animal welfare. 

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Sean is the Senior Vice President of the British Veterinary Association, the UK’s national representative body for vet surgeons and students.
Dorothy is currently the BVA Animal Welfare Foundation Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow.